Friday, July 2, 2010

Back to the grind

Just graduated from the Savannah College of art and Design. yay for me. Since leaving college. I have been very busy, going to cons. I just attended South Florida Super Con, which went well. Before that I went to Heroes con in NC with fellow artist Zach Bassit. So as you can imagine things are extremely busy. I will be posting more art work as it comes in. As of right now I'm sticking true to being an inker for the moment. And Ive been really busy with all the work Ive been getting to ink over. Kind of a preview, I am inking over Drew Zucker at the moment, for an anthology that he and I will be in. Also trying to finish up a book that Zach and I have been working on for awhile. I will be putting up some preview pages from that as soon as they are done. For the time being I'm back home in South Florida, but that is soon to change. I'm just happy I don't have to go back to GA for a long time. But like I said before I'll be posting more for now on.

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